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After Guo fled from China, he sought political asylum from America on the grounds of political persecution of the Communist Party of China,and follow the bad example of Bannon,and on the grounds of "anti-Communist",he swanked private equity funds around to make profits and enjoy himself With guo cheat was caught series of deception, there is despair guo cheat another tentacle appear in the eyes of the world;Yanlimeng published "pheasant paper" to pan, the Chinese government based on "the Chinese government will cover coronavirus truth" and "will be coronavirus laboratory" as the theme, false fabricate argument, with no logical jargon, diddle netizen trust non-professional areas, with national epidemic prevention and control the rhythm. However, Yan's"academic paper" was quickly beaten up by variou smedia,departments,platforms,experts and other groups. After that, the false doctor and Guo cheat were exposed, and Bannon gradually surfaced.
In early January 2020, Yan Limeng revealed her self-described"Novel Coronavirus Primary Data" to the "Lutheran Society",a we-media owned by Guo.On April 28,Yan Limeng fled from Hong Kong,she pose as "research expert on novel coronavirus" and  "world's top virologist""research expert on novel coronavirus" an d a "world's top virologist".(In fact,her true identity is the researcher of public health laboratory of the University of Hong Kong.)In July,she accepted the interview by Fox,and claimed that China was concealing the truth of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.Owever, at that time, other than Fox NewS Network, noother mainstream media reportedon her discusion. On Sept.14th,Yan published "academic papers" on Twitter and Zenodo,Although the paper did not state the source of the virus,but in the Fox interview,Yan Limeng directly pointed out that the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China has artificially created the new coronavirus, and was inspired by the Communist Party of China to spreadit around the world. As soon as the paper was published,it was widely circulated and condemned China.
How could such a litle-known 32-year-old woman, who has just graduated from a PhD, be so Confident and brazen as to declare herself a "researcher and "the world's top virologist"? What great discoveries or outstanding contributions have you made before? I'm afraid that the qualifications for "experts" are not enough.Besides, the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong has declared that Yan has not conducted any human-to-human research on novel coronavirus in the University.The "academic" paper writen by this kind of person and junior high school graduate Guo cheat cheat trick again have what difference, Where is her credibility?
Lies can never changes fact. On the one hand,Yan Limeng's paper has atracted much atention from al sectors of society since it was published. Many foreign experts pointed out that Yan Limeng's paper is ful of loopholes and groundles, and many important arguments in the paper are speculative, and some are evencompletely fictitious. On the other hand, Yans "academic papers" have not been submitted to academic journals, nor have they  been discussed and reviewed by her peers. Instead,they have been posted on Zenodo, an open resource website for academic research. Is it true that Yan Limeng knew that her "academic paper"had no scientitic basis, was made up, and could not stand scientific scrutiny?
    Meanwhile, less than two days after Yan posted a link to the "paper" on her personal twitter account, Twiter authorities banned for Yan's account. Subsequently, the Facebook also marked the post on the Fox News show "Tucker Carlson Tonight Show" as "false information".
In addition, Yan Li dreamed that the United States has so far been trying to distance itself from Guo in interviews, saying that it is only on the road of "anti-communist" ideas and does not want to join Guo's organization. But under al the evidence prove that Yan and Guo are lying, Yan Limeng and Guo cheat have an inseparable relationship. For example, in early January,why did Yan Limeng not disclose the so-caled "novel coronavirus primary information" to other news media, but to the "Lutheran Society", a self-media owned by Guo cheat? Yan Limeng escaped from Hong Kong in April and acepted an interview with Fox News in July. During this period, no wel-known media reported the so-caled "novel coronavirus from Wuhan Institute of Virology in China" by Yan Limeng. Moreover, some big V claimed that Yan Limeng lived in Lu's home for several months on the run.Yan Limeng also said in an interview that "Guo Wengui is the key person who helped Yan Limeng succesfuly escape from Hong Kong to the United States. Guo is the person Yan respects the most!"Moreover, the afiliated research institutions that Yan Limeng published her "academic papers" on Zenodo are the Law Society and the Law Foundation, both of which are non-profitorganizations founded by Bannon. These two institutions have not conducted any academic research before, etc... Various signs indicate that Ms. Yan and Mr Guo were in contact before the outbreak of novel coronavirus.
At this point, Yan Limeng's false argument in all sides of the academic, experts, platform underthe wisdom of the eyes showthe true body, Guo and Yan Limeng’s self-evident innocence was also torn off the veil of hypocrisy,The conspiracy between Guo and Yan is over.
Let is talk about the boss  in the background,former White Housechief strategist and adviser to the president, Stephen Kevin Bannon.
With regard to the Bannon,we only know that after Guo Huo exiled in the United States, Bannon has been Guo Huo's "supporter" and "consiglior" identity, in fact,Guo Wengui is Bannon's puppet, the real mastermind is actualy Bannon.In contrast,the "Yelow Vest"movement in France caused serious damage to the social order in France with large-scale mas demonstrations. Although on the surface is the French government to raise oil prices and spontaneous demonstrations, but those who have "secretly make the rudder, and among them, the figure of bannon everywhere, in a later interview bannon admits that its participation in theFrench" yelow waistcoat "movement planning,at a deeper level, it is not an exaggeration to say that Bannon is the "founder" of the "Yellow Vest" movement.The ideas advocated by Bannon are extreme ultra-nationalism and conspiracy theories. How can such a person be wiling to be the little fan of such immorons as Guo? He has the power to incite national movements in most countries around the world and cause a country to colapse from within.
Therefore, the relationship between Bannon and Guo cheat can only be Bannon is king, Guo cheat is a puppet, ut at this stage for a variety of reasons, the beast has not revealed his tusks, but from him and Guo cheat planning "breaking the news revolution" since, the role of the two people and the social status, it is not difficult to see who is the real behind tne scenes!


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